Web Design and Development

Channel of Affairs offers unique approach when designing websites for our clients.

The Channel is inspired by the
ever-growing digital world

Having a unique high quality website along with your online marketing campaign will set you apart from your competition.

“Having and maintaining a digital presence is surely becoming mandatory when conducting business”. We have multiple designer resources and that can provide you with a variety of web template that will magnify your brand across any device from desktop monitors to smartphones to tablets.

Channel of Affairs offers unique approach when designing websites for our clients. We must anticipate the value of new technologies, while implementing interactive, and responsive design. We begin by understanding your market, clients, potential users, and the competitive environment. Building a process and ensuring your site matches what potential customers and users are looking for is key to your design.


What do you want your site to achieve?
Determining your products niche market?
Who are your potential customers?
Are your services aimed at a specific industry?
Is your information for the beginner or the expert? Is it for men or women?

Domain Name and Hosting

Securing a good domain name is a task in itself. There’s a possibility the name you want is already registered as a .com. You might need to get creative. Generally, the shorter and more memorable the domain, the better.


Hosting varies considerably in price and quality. It can be the difference between Baltic Avenue and Boardwalk in the game of Monopoly. We spend over $2,000 per month on hosting. Google has teams of employees devoted to hosting, and probably spends hundreds of thousands per month.

Website Design and Content

Finding the right balance between design that looks modern yet simplistic in nature, informative and engaging for the user and maintainable for SEO performance is the bedrock of success. We use templates that we utilize for our clients’ sites, its no secret that the search engines tend to show favoritism to these kinds of sites in search after they’ve been properly optimized.


The content is the most important part of your website. As the saying goes, content is king. It is the furniture in your house, the food in your fridge; what makes your space habitable.


We’ll be looking at aspects of the web application that affect the user’s experience, such as:

– The ease of use of the navigate through the web application?
– Is it obvious to the user which actions are available to him or her?
– Is the look-and-feel of your web application consistent from page to page, including font sizes and colors?

Making sure your website compliments your business model and objectives and giving you the exact look and feel you want for your website is our mission.

Innovatively Designed

The World is Changing very fast so should your web design.

Immersive Experience

We aim to ensure that each site we design is extremely engaging to visitors. To achieve this we give our clients the ability to easily edit content, create pages, manage photo galleries, and much-much more.

Engaging Content

The key to a good website is providing relevant content that your readers want. When it connects with your visitors it should create a lingering effect. We aim to keep all over layouts clutter-free and easy to navigate.

Web Support

The Channel provides web support and maintenance services throughout the lifespan of your website. Ranging from their content, image updates, and creating new functionality using widgets, plug-ins and modules.

Responsive Designed Websites

  • The sites are fluid, moving freely across all screen resolutions and devices
  • Provides optimal user experience regardless of your device
  • Visitors are directed to a single site, no need for multiple designed sites
  • Google recommends it for SEO, all traffic directed to one web address
  • No need to create both mobile and desktop campaigns, manage all from 1
  • Extremely cost effective, only need to design once for both desktop and mobile

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