SMO - Social Media Optimization

Social media is a savior not a nemesis, an asset not a liability, a time saver not a time killer for ad agency new business” – Michael Gass


Social media optimization is using social media Portals and communities to generate publicity to increase the awareness of a brand, product, service or event.


Social Media has grown over the years with new and exciting systems including RSS feeds, bookmarking sites, most known of them are the social networking web-sites, such as Facebook, Pinterest, google+, Twitter, youtube and blogging sites. Using SMO to generate traffic and awareness to your website through these portals has become part of online optimization.


Imagine an ever growing system like a vehicle and some one decides to add a turbo engine with custom intakes to it. That is what SMO is to SEO. A boost to optimizing a website and its content by sharing across social media portals and networking sites.


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