Channel Execution 

W e’re a new generation agency, developed to assist advertisers in the digital era. Here at Channel of Affairs, we incorporated both the broadcast and geographical term to create the innovation of the Channel. We use the channel to convey information by joining the digital and physical within our global community.

As a channel runs far and long, connecting seas from distant lands so do we connect you to the digital world, offering new and innovative ways to bring your brand to consumers.

Channel of Affairs has very unique methodology in implementing digital marketing activities. We look into your business’s niche, research on it and also make a detailed study about your target audience, your product’s best features etc, so that we understand all that has to be known about your business and its competition.

A Look At How We Implement Digital Marketing

Our strategy will then focus on how to promote your brand in the best way, using effective and powerful digital marketing means through which you can experience positive results in a short while. Here is a look at how we implement digital marketing for your brand:

Our Process Contains

Market Research and Discovery
Brand Development
Marketing Strategy
Media Planning & Buying

The Channels Stream

Web Development
Social Media Marketing

Channel of Affairs Execution