A new generation agency developed to assist advertisers in the digital era, Channel of Affairs LLC.

Channel of affairs would like to announce the launch of there website on September 14, 2015.Channel of Affairs specializes in the conveyance of information through the joint use of conventional and digital marketing to broadcast a message. A newly formed company with each team member having many years of experience working in advertising and content creation for the web. Channel of Affairs’ mission is to connect clients to the digital world by offering new and innovative ways to bring brands to the consumers.

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“The three most important innovations for marketing,” states Alan Coleman, Founder and CEO of Wolfgang Digital, “ are retargeting (promoting what the user already likes), analytics (finding out how many times people visit your site before a sale is made) and interest (developing interest in consumers through advanced ad targeting). Even more important than that is looking at the process between first visiting a site and purchasing of service or product.”


Channel of Affairs expects to help their customers do just that as there slogan states “Digital Marketing Made Easy.” The company uses a success matrix of analyzing a customer brand by producing a detailed study of the business’s niche and the targeted audience. This allows them to know as much as possible about not only the customer’s business, but also about the brand’s immediate competition. This in depth research is what allows them to create positive results and a high return on investment, specifically in areas such as Media Buying and Planning and Social Media Marketing and Internet Advertising.

“We are excited about our launch,” stated Channel of Affairs Founder, Arthur Elie “and we look forward to serving up a new mix of targeted brand promotion unlike anything seen on the web until now.” Channel of Affairs Digital Marketing Made Easy.
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