A great strategy is useless without flawless execution.

We’re a new generation agency, developed to assist advertisers in the digital era.

Here at Channel of Affairs, we incorporated both the broadcast and geographical term to create the innovation of the Channel. We use the channel to convey information by joining the digital and physical within our global community.

As a channel runs far and long, connecting seas from distant lands, so do we connect you to the digital world, offering new and innovative ways to bring your brand to consumers.

Channel Of Affairs assists your business in making a mark in the digital world through its digital marketing services. Through these services, your brand can quickly reach out to its target audience and gain a good customer base that gets sales triggering. Whatever be your business niche we can do the marketing required to bring focus on it and get it the attention that it deserves.

A Look At The Digital Marketing Services That We Provide

The Channel.

A great strategy is useless without flawless execution.

Here at Channel of Affairs LLC, we’re always looking for new ways to make interacting with digital advertising worth a consumer’s time.

We partner with internal marketing teams and external agencies, focusing on the planning and implementation of marketing campaigns in digital advertising, social media, mobile technologies, and (SEO) search engine optimization.

We are here to help you create an effective digital marketing strategy. We have the expertise and knowledge to bring you continued growth and profitability. “who we are is why we win – The Channel.”


Creating unique Ads, marketing campaigns, online promotions that Wows.

The core of our online marketing strategy is to come up with ways that make it easy for people to find your business on the internet. We make sure that the message you are sending to people is heard and that they can find your store, when they really want your products or services. We reach out to them through various way thus spreading awareness of your products or services and popularizing your brand.